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If you have a project that fits our model we can JV with you. We can do as much as you need us to do. Sign a loan, raise capital, pay escrow deposits, do due diligence, value add, property manage, asset manage, construction(we have GC license in 16 states). We have a full staff.

About Us

We have $171,000,000 with a portfolio of 1,190 MF units, 54,000 Sq Ft, and 212 SS Units. We have a team of 10+ full-time staff.  We acquire commercial properties across most states in the US.  We buy and hold for long term wealth.  We like large projects 60+ Multi-Family,  100+ Mobile Home Park, 400+ Self-Storage, and so forth.

During our search, we find a lot of GREAT projects.  All types and sizes.  Some with creative(owner financing).   In the video above I will give more information on how we can work together on these. Either straight assignment fee or small acquisition fee plus some equity.  It’s project by project basis.

I look forward to connecting and building long term wealth together!

Javier Hinojo
All States Equity Group

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