All States Equity Group is a commercial real estate investment firm with headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Our conservative, value-add, and investor first approach consistently produces above-average returns for investors.

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Priscila Moore
Asset Manager
Junior Acquisition Manager
Company Mascot
Acquisitions Manager

Javier Hinojo

Partner & CEO

Born in El Paso, Texas Javier Hinojo came from humble beginnings. After exiting the US Army’s Military Intelligence 82nd Airborne, he found himself looking for a positive way to build legacy wealth. Javier had a “light bulb” moment while attending a real estate seminar, and over time was able to turn a measly $0.32 into $171 million.

As an experienced real estate investor, Javier has completed over 130 value-add property acquisitions in Dallas, Austin, El Paso, Tampa, and Raleigh-Durham. Javier’s strength lies in his ability to identify and steer value add strategies. He is skilled at acquiring off-market, distressed properties and stabilizing them to maximize return. Currently, Javier has 1,190 units, 54,000 Sq Ft, 212 SS units and $171,000,000 AUM across 7 states, which earned him placement into the Rich Dad Poor Dad Hall of Fame for his success in real estate. With grit and sheer determination, Javier continues to build his net worth and the net worth of his accredited and non-accredited investors.

Brenda Hinojo


Along with her husband Javier Hinojo has acquired properties in Dallas, Austin, El Paso, Tampa, and Raleigh-Durham. In the last few years they have grown their portfolio to 7 properties and 690 units across 7 states. Brenda’s specialty lies in connecting with investors, raising capital, project management, branding, and strong negotiating skills.

Priscila Moore

Priscila Moore

Asset Manager

Priscila Moore plays a crucial role in the success of the real estate company by ensuring that all operations are running smoothly and efficiently, and by driving the company towards its business objectives

Vianey Hinojo

Junior Acquisition Manager

Vianey Hinojo has underwritten 200+ commercial properties and has submitted 100M+ in offers in the last year. Vianey’s specialty is in Multifamily acquisitions. She’s part of the Teen Millionaire Challenge program.

Mauricio Cueto

Acquisitions Manager

Mauricio is an International Finance graduate with a strong real estate background. He’s been involved in the development, planning, and follow-up of 6 mixed-use projects since 2014. He has expertise in market research and investment analysis. Besides, he’s also been involved in property management, payment distributions, legal control, portfolio administration, among others.